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Gua sha

Gua sha is a healing technique dating back thousands of years. It uses an object to scrap the skin, with applied pressure, relieving muscle tension and stagnation in the acupuncture channel there.

Typically animal horns were used to scrap the skin. Other popular gua sha tools include jade and even jam jar lids. A lubricant oil, such as hong hua oil is applied to the skin before starting the gua sha.

It a Chinese medical therapy that's been used in Asia to treat a variety of soft tissue problems and muscular pain.

Benefits of gua sha

Gua sha is great at moving energy and blood in the area it is given. It strongly increases blood flow to the area thereby relieving chronic pain and tension. It's effects are stronger than that of a deep tissue massage.

Side effects of gua sha

Having gua sha treatment will leave marks on the surface of the skin that look red or purple depending upon the person. These marks will fade after time.

These marks can look severe but are painless to the person. Unfortunately, not everyone can recognise the effects of gua sha and there is a infamous case in the USA where parents of an Asian child where accused of child abuse when it was in actual fact the after effects of gua sha.