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"My cycles regulated as soon as I started taking the herbs and when my FSH levels were tested they were normal"
"I also took the chinese herbs, even though I was initially dubious about doing so, but it worked for me!"

How Do You Take Herbs?

Traditionally, Chinese herbs come in their original dried form, for example bits of root, bark, leaves and seeds. These would be cooked in a pot, drained and drank. This traditional process takes hours and will sink your house out. Thankfully, I use more modern methods where the pharmaceutical company have already cooked the plant extracts and turned them into powder.

How To Take Herbal Powders

If you are taking the powders, then you put the powder in a mug and add boiling hot water (half way), some honey to help with the taste and give it a good stir Wait for it to cool down, stir again and then drink, preferably in one go. It's not a drink that you sip and dunk buscuits into. Then have some fruit afterwards to clear your palate.

How To Take Herbal Capsules and Tablets

If you are having the Chinese herbs in tablet or capsule form, you will need to take 30 a day. Yes, 30! You can take either 15 in the morning and 15 in the evening or take 10 three times a day. Always after food.