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How does traditional Chinese medicine work?

Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) works by looking at the person as a whole. It's a holistic form of medicine that believes the body, mind and soul are all one and connected together. A problem with one of these aspects, which makes up a person, can cause problems in another aspect. For example, an overact mind can weaken the body and make the soul restless.

The components of traditional Chinese medicine

Traditional Chinese medicine is made up of several components all of which are aimed at benefiting a person's health. These components include:

  • Diet
  • Lifestyle (sleep, clothing, exercise, etc)
  • Sexual activity
  • Chinese medicine, which include acupuncture, remedies (herbs), gua sha, cupping and gua sha

Theories of traditional Chinese medicine

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that the body, mind and soul are all one and connected at the same time. If the mind is unwell it will affect the body. If the body isn't looked after, it will affect the mind. Everything is connected.

An example of this is to look at stress. When a person is stressed, their muscles tense up as the body sources this mental tension. This can then lead to pain and tiredness, which creates a cycle worsening the stress.

The principles of traditional Chinese medicine are holistic and rooted in Nature. TCM believes to solve one problem who need to address all aspects of the person, not just the obvious symptoms, just as pain. Pain is a messenger, but all to often we shoot the messenger with pain killers.

Traditional Chinese medicine will look at all aspects of a person's life, from sleep, diet, work and exercise levels to see if anything is not in moderation.

This perspective on health gives traditional Chinese medicine the ability to effectively treat a wide range of health problems.

Treatment strategies of traditional Chinese medicine

Traditional Chinese medicine will look to treat several aspects of the person at the same time in a tailormade treatment whether using acupuncture or herbs. This allows a complete form of healing that treats the whole person.

By treating the person as a whole, the health problem is less likely to return as the person can enjoy optimial health for longer.