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Acupuncture for addiction recovery

Addiction is a reliance upon a substance, hence it's also termed substance abuse.

Most people have a form of addiction to something, for example coffee, tea, smoking, chilli. Addiction is only problem when the substance a person is abusing is strong enough to damage their health, for example drug and alcohol especially drugs such as cocaine, crack, marijuana, heroin, etc.

Addicts usually have some kind of mental health issues which causes them to abuse substances long term, for example anxiety, depression or emotional trauma.

There is a growing addiction to opiate based pain killers as they are a mild form of heroin. Unfortunately, people then go onto taking heroin which has disastrous effects upon their lives. This new addiction has been created by big-pharma.

Symptoms of withdrawal include sweating, shaking, anxiety, paranoia, nervousness, muscle cramps and pain.

Addiction treatment

Auricular acupuncture is an alternative medicine that has been used to help addicts since the 1970's when it was first used to treat opium addicts in China. It uses 5 thin needles inserted into each ear.

Early researchers found that acupuncture therapy with electric stimulation of the lung point on the ear helped to reduce cravings for illegal drugs.

Years later, a doctor in New York, USA developed the national acupuncture detoxification association (NADA) treatment plan which uses 5 points on the year to treat addiction. This new protocol became very popular and was used in drug rehab clinics and prisons for addiction recovery. However, it's a standard protocol that doesn't include electrical stimulation of the lung point.

Electric stimulation of the Lung point on the ear works on the nervous system by activating the vagus nerve and the reward system with the release of the body's natural dopamine, which gives the person a natural 'high'.

I'm an expert in drug addiction and acupuncture. I've had two papers published on the use of acupuncture to treat drug addiction. One was a critique of research that used ear acupuncture to treat cocaine/crack addiction and the other was an academic paper explaining drug addiction within Chinese medicine theory.

Today, I still treat drug addiction within my clinic with a good success rate. I also look at the deeper, emotional issues of drug addiction that are often the root causes of why people abuse drugs.


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