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Weight loss treatment

In my experience, most women who are over weight are physcially weak. They tend to have a lack of energy and blood, which causes their body to crave sugar and to retain weight even when exercising or on a diet.

Understanding that the body is a survival organism helps to make choices which can help you loose weight.

The body doesn't understand that their is a food store down the road, it just sees what's going out in terms of energy expenditure and what's coming in.

When the body is weak it will store reserves in the form of fat, like a safety net. Therefore in order to loose weight, the body must be physcially strong.

You can improve your phsyically strength by eating well, a paleo diet is the best along with taking supplements such as iron and ginseng to stengthen the body. Once the body is stronger, it will crave quick fuel in the form of sugar less and will let go of the safety net of excessive fat.

Treatment of excessive weight

Acupuncture can help increase metabolism, reduce stress and anxiety and regulate the digestive system.

I will also recommend certain supplements and dietary advice based on ancient Chinese medicine to help with weight loss.