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Frozen shoulder

A frozen shoulder (adhesive capsulitis) is painful and restricting. It's chronic muscle tension and shoulder pain. Movement is limited which causes problems in washing and putting clothes on.

People often complain of shoulder joint and restricted range of motion and arm movements.

Keeping the area warm and applying heat to the shoulder can give temporary relief to the frozen shoulder. Trying to keep the arm moving can help relieve the muscle tension and pain. Often however, it's too late to do this as it's painful to move the arm.

Often people with seek treatment from a physical therapist such as a physiotherapist for a frozen shoulder. However, in a lot of cases, this won't be enough to resolve the problem.

Acupuncture for frozen shoulder

Acupuncture treatment is very effective for treating a frozen shoulder. As a frozen shoulder is a chronic problem, the person should have acupuncture treatment every 3-4 days.

With each session of acupuncture, it peels off layers of the tension allowing more movement and less pain. For long term relieve of frozen shoulder it's ideal to do shoulder exercises that loosen the shoulder, such as swimming or yoga.

The stimulation of acupuncture points around the rotator cuff and joint capsule can reduce pain and inflammation in the short term. It's best to have acupuncture treatment in the early stage as it's anti-inflammatory and use physical therapy afterwards.

Watch this animated video below which explains how acupuncture is an effective treatment for shoulder problems.

Clinical trials has shown that acupuncture is able to prevent bone loss in shoulder problems.


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