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Acupuncture for muscle pain

Muscle pain is one of the most common forms of pain people complain about. It can be anywhere on the body, for example arm, neck, back or leg.

People often mistakenly think that neck pain is a trapped nerve when it can be muscular pain and stiffness. Often the person can be suffering from chronic pain with a restricted range of motion.

It's my belief that mental stress is absorbed into the body, like a hard drive on a PC. Your body stores all your stresses and ailments and for this reason the body is situated in the past. This is contrary to the mind which is projected into the future, worrying about what's to come. Then we have the five senses which live in the now. Good health is the ability to marry all three aspects into the present moment, the now, where our power is.

Acupuncture for muscle pain

The most common treatment for muscle pain is pain medications, which can have side effects. Physical therapy can give relief of muscle discomfort, whilst acupuncture treatments can provide long term relief of muscle pain by regulating the flow of qi and the immune system allowing people to become pain free.

Stimulation of specific acupuncture points with hair thin needles by acupuncture practitioners can relieve muscle pain and spasms. It is very effective at relieving muscle tension, so much so that osteopaths and physiotherapists use it (but often with poor training).

Once a sterile needle is inserted into a specific points, it instantly releases the muscle pain by activating natural painkillers within the body, via the nervous system. Acupuncture therapy is able to peel off layers of tension allowing the person to feel relaxed. With each subsequent acupuncture session, more and more layers of tension are taken away allowing the muscle to move freely, which treats the pain.

I've helped many people with tense muscles that are causing them discomfort.

Watch my animated video below, which explains how acupuncture can relieve muscle pain.