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Depression affects men and women of all ages and backgrounds. About two thirds of adults will experience depression at some point in their lives.

Symptoms of depression include a loss of interest or pleasure in life, have a low mood and have feelings of guilt or low self-worth, inclduing disturbed sleep or appetite, low energy levels and poor concentration.

Women are twice as likely to become depressed as men. This may be due to hormone changes during their menstrual cycle, at menopause and after childbirth.

Acupuncture for Depression

Research has shown that acupuncture is as good as anti-depressants at treating depression, just without the side effects.

Research studies have shown that acupuncture can have a specific positive effect on depression by altering the brain's mood chemistry, increasing production of serotonin and endorphins. Acupuncture may also benefit depression by acting through other neurochemical pathways, including those involving dopamine, noradrenaline, cortisol and neuropeptide Y.