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Fertility Treatments

There is a set pattern of fertility treatments that most couples go through. It starts off with trying naturally, then if that fails after trying for more than one year, their doctor will often prescribe them clomid. If after 3 months clomid doesn't help them fall pregnant, then the doctor usually advises to do IVF. Most doctors won't suggest IUI. If IVF doesn't work, doctors then recommend using a donor.

Conceiving naturally

Trying naturally can help you have a baby without the side effects of IVF. However, it often takes time to conceive naturally, as the body needs to be recharged and optimised ready for pregnancy. Some women find it hard to wait, the not knowing when they will fall pregnant. After some time, they tend to opt for IVF, which even though it has side effects, gives the woman a set time of treatment with a percentage rate of success.

If trying naturally doesn't succeed, having acupuncture and Chinese herbs helps to prep you for assisted fertility treatments such as IVF and can improve the rate of their success. Recent research has shown that both acupuncture and Chinese herbs improve the success of IVF. I would therefore recommend trying naturally with treatments such as acupuncture, an optimised diet and lifestyle and Chinese herbs for several months. If by that time you are still not pregnant, then you can look at a soft/natural cycle of IVF and use acupuncture alongside to improve the success rate of it working.

Assisted fertility

More and more couples are needing to use assisted reproductive treatments such as IVF and ICSI to have a baby. Before it was often woman of an older age who needed to undergo IVF. Nowadays, women are younger, in their early 30's and men are having to use ICSI due to poor sperm quality.

Modern lifestyles, jobs, diets and exposure to chemicals are all damaging male and female fertility. We've reached the point at which evolution of our lifestyle has tipped and damaged our health and fertility. This is a dangerous point in our history, which will have a knock-on effect to future generations.