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After 4 years of trying to conceive, I had a total sum of 6 weeks treatment before falling pregnant

Pregnancy acupuncture

A woman can experience a variety of pregnancy problems. Some can be easy to handle and other's harder upon the body.

Society makes women think that being pregnant should be a joyous and wonderful period in a woman’s life and for a lot of women this is the case. However, not all women fall into this category and people are different and their fertility journey can determine how they feel about being pregnant.

Women who’ve been trying to conceive for some time or have undergone a long fertility journey often welcome pregnancy symptoms as it reassures them that they are still pregnant and all is well. They enjoy the experience of pregnancy even when the symptoms make them feel awful. Whilst on the other hand, women who haven’t been trying for so long and fell pregnant quite quickly often don’t like experiencing pregnancy symptoms and tend to suffer more during pregnancy. They tend not to like being pregnant and will see it as a period of suffering and endurance. Whilst other women dislike being pregnant not matter how long they’ve been trying. They feel their bodies have been taken over and everything is out of their control.

Not a lot of women will talk about this, it’s a bit of a taboo. Women are expected to be happy whilst pregnant and won’t even talk about this to their friends. Just remember, that it’s perfectly normal to on one hand feel happy that you’re pregnant and on the other hand feel crap. It’s not easy being pregnant!

Some women can feel depressed and emotional. This tends to change once energy levels pick up, hormones normalize and they feel the baby kick and feelings of motherhood start to emerge. In either case, both are normal and you shouldn’t judge yourself badly if you don’t feel like rejoicing or do.

Acupuncture can be used safely during pregnancy to treat a wide range of pregnancy related problems, including:

My pregnancy guide

To ensure a healthy pregnancy and labour I've written a self-help guide that will support you all the way through your pregnancy. The self-help book is titled My Pregnancy Guide.


My Pregnancy Guide - Ensuring A Healthy Pregnancy and Labour

My Pregnancy Guide: Ensuring A Healthy Pregnancy & Labour

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