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"A natural alternative to IVF, without the side effects"
"After 4 years of trying to conceive, I had a total sum of 6 weeks treatment before falling pregnant"

Podcasts on acupuncture and fertility

Listen to my various podcasts discussing Chinese medicine, acupuncture regulation, the immune system and COVID-19 as well as extracts from My Fertility Guide.

Attilio D'Alberto · An Interview With Dr (TCM) Attilio D'Alberto
Attilio D'AlbertoHow To Improve Your Immune System Against COVID - 19

My Fertility Guide podcasts

I host a range of podcasts on infertility, which are extracts from my self-help book My Fertility Guide.

Attilio D'Alberto · My Fertility Guide - Introduction
Attilio D'Alberto · My Fertility Guide - Chapter Two Extract - The Components of Fertility


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