Moxibustion Therapy
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Frequently asked questions about moxibustion therapy

Here is a list of questions I am frequently asked about moxibustion.

Regulation of moxibustion

In the UK, moxibustion is not regulated. Anyone can practice moxibustion therapy.

Doing moxibustion yourself

Yes you can, once you have been shown do to do it properly by a trained professional such as an acupuncturist.

Moxibustion on the NHS

Some midwives perform moxibustion for pregnant women. Otherwise, no other NHS healthcare professional offers moxibustion treatment.

Smokeless versus traditional moxa

Traditional moxa comes from the Chinese herb Ai Ye. It is rolled together and lit. It produces a lot of smoke, which can affect people's breathing and set off smoke alarms.

Smokeless moxa is modern and is like charcoal. It doesn't give off a lot of smoke, just a smell. It won't set of smoke alarms or affect a person's breathing.