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In my opinion Attilio prevented me from having spinal surgery
Attilio managed to help improve my back tremendously in a very short period

Pain relief reviews

"I first consulted Attilio about 18 months ago, when I was feeling decidedly unwell, and had a persistent back problem that was not responding to conventional treatment. I found Attilio empathetic and thorough both in taking a history and examining me according to the practice of Chinese medicine. He approached the problem holistically and gave me dietary advice to bring my body into better balance. He then concentrated on my specific back problems and gave me acupuncture with gentle heat and massage. Although I only saw him a couple of times in the first instance, due to home and family pressures at the time I followed his advice, as best I could, and not only did my back heal, but I became a generally better. For years I had a very high colour in my face and that has now improved greatly. Recently I consulted Attilio again as I had damaged my shoulder and again he gave me acupuncture. I am happy to report that it did the trick! I would not hesitate to recommend anyone to consult Attilio D'Alberto. I find him a very conscientious practitioner, with a nice sense of humour, and for me his treatment has worked when all else has failed."
Mrs Hughes - Wokingham

"Attilio was recommended to me by a friend about a year ago, whilst I was experiencing severe chronic upper back pain and a pinched nerve. I had been going to a chiropractor, which was only helping to a very small degree. Attilio managed to help improve my back tremendously in a very short period. He used a combination of acupuncture treatment to my shoulders as well as to other areas of my body to try and address the pain and what he believed to be the underlying cause: chronic stress. He also used massage to relieve the tension in the muscles. I firmly believe that this combination of acupuncture and massage have been fundamental in the large improvement of both my back pain and stress levels.

I now see Attilio once a month and always look forward to them. My sessions with Attilio D'Alberto are always relaxed and enjoyable. He is very friendly and approachable as well as being professional at the same time. I have no hesitation in recommending Attilio to any one experiencing muscular pain or indeed stress."
Mr Jackson - Charvil

"I went to see Dr (TCM) Attilio D'Alberto with regards to my back problems, I had a prolapsed disc at the base of my spine trapping my nerves and causing pain down my leg and causing numbness in my toes. After having some intensive treatments with Attilio D'Alberto and changing my diet (as per his advice to help aid the healing process) I have since fully recovered, this was confirmed by my spinal consultant after having an MRI scan. My consultant confirmed my disc had almost full retracted back releasing the pressure off my nerve endings as a result I no longer have the constant pain or symptoms as described above. In my opinion he has prevented me from having spinal surgery which was the only other option I had when advised by a spinal consultant. My spinal consultant was supportive of me trying acupuncture rather than opting for surgery (surgery should always be the last resort is his opinion) and in my case acupuncture worked. I would recommend anyone with a similar problem or bulging discs or back pain to try acupuncture it's brilliant pain relief as well as helping the body prioritise the area where healing is required (ie the back and specifically the area where the distress is originating from). Thank you Dr (TCM) Attilio D'Alberto for your great advice and help in fixing me!"
Satch Patel - Wokingham

"Attilio D'Alberto helped me a great deal with chronic sciatic pain - lessening the severity to the extent that I managed to come off of morphine based drugs completely whilst waiting for a cortisone injection. My general health was also improved through the painless acupuncture and dietary advice given. Would recommend to all.
Ms Mitchell - Camberley

"Attilio D'Alberto has skillfully combined the knowledge of medicine (coming from both east & west) with the art of proper communication & psychotherapy as well. For nearly 2 years i suffered very painful lower back, which prevented me from exercising and going places, etc. He gave me acupuncture combined with massage and with only two sessions I was able to start exercising, working in my garden and do whatever I couldn't do in the past. His thorough history taking & precise formulation of the treatment plan was the key to this successful treatment. I highly recommend him as a professional medical man with a fantastic holistic approach towards medical conditions."
Dr Hooman - Reading