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Attilio is a very experienced practitioner and deals with issues in a very comfortable way
I only wish I had been introduced to Attilio earlier

Acupuncture reviews

Below are just a few of the reviews I've received from the people I have helped using acupuncture.


Dr Attilio came highly recommended to me and I have to say that he completely lived up to that recommendation. After suffering with long covid symptoms that were beginning to impact greatly on my general well being and quality of life Attilio's wealth of experience and attentiveness was profoundly appreciated. Dr Attilio helped me enormously to navigate and manage my symptoms by combining his acupuncture skills and extensive knowledge of Chinese herbal medicines. I really do feel strongly that this practice is an alternative medicinal hope for the plethora of long covid sufferers currently in this pandemic world and I have confidently recommended Attilio to several friends already for this and non related issues and will happily continue to do so.
Mrs H - Teddington


Wonderful acupuncture treatments. I have had several sessions and each time I come away feeling great because of release of blocked energies in muscles and joints. Treatments also helped me with release of blockage in my sinuses. Attilio D'Alberto is a very experienced practitioner and deals with issues in a very comfortable way.
Sam Rao - Crowthorne

Digestive problems

"After 40 years of suffering from digestive problems, lethargy and on occasions depression with which the medical profession had not been able to help in spite of various blood tests it was with some desperation that I contacted Dr (TCM) D'Alberto searching for help. I am a great believer in complementary medicine and had tried almost everything to no avail. He gave me weekly acupuncture and Chinese herbs. When I commenced treatment I was getting daily pain in the area of my spleen. Within a couple of months my bloating and distention were a thing of the past and now the spleen pain has gone completely. At another time he helped to rectify a crick in my neck and a muscle spasm underneath my right shoulder blade. Within a very short time I was back to normal with no pain or stiffness. More recently Attilio D'Alberto's acupuncture has helped to heal a torn and bruised inflamed tendon in my knee due to an accident after the hospital did not offer any great help apart from an X-ray to confirm there was no break or fracture and a blood test to establish no infection. His expertise with his needles has now caused the bruising inflammation and water to subside and I have now been able to return to gentle exercise. I cannot thank him enough. Dr Attilio is an extremely knowledgeable kind and caring man of his profession and I would not hesitate to recommend his services especially where medicine has failed. I intend to keep up fairly regular treatments into my old age to maintain my balance of health to the optimum."
Mrs W - Wokingham


"I have had acupuncture in the past and was looking for treatment for vertigo, which was becoming an increasing problem. After about five treatments I woke up one morning and, when turning my head, I realised that the vertigo had gone! Since then I have had no recurrence, whilst before I used to have some clear episodes but then a recurrence. I find my sessions with Attilio D'Alberto are very interesting and enjoyable."
Ms Turner - Reading


"I first approached Attilio D'Alberto with some light heart palpitations, which had been recurring every couple of weeks for over many months. ">Attilio explained the links to certain organs and began treatment. Within a few acupuncture treatments the palpitations had gone, I felt generally healthier and more importantly many months later they have not returned, I couldn't be happier, I now return on occasion for a top up and thoroughly look forward to my appointments, Attilio is extremely knowledgeable and is happy to talk through and explain the reasons and methodology behind the treatment, which is very interesting and reassuring."
Mr Laughlin - Reading


"C'est la deuxieme fois que je vois le Docteur Attilio D'Alberto et je suis tout a fait satifaite de son professionalime et le fait qu'il m'a beaucoup aide pour mes problemes ,j'avais de la haute tension et ne pouvait plus dormir ni me relaxer, il m'a aide a surmonter cela et maintenant ma tension sanguine est normale et mon sommeil plus regulier , mes emotions sont sous contrôle egalement,il est tres comprehensif et ecoute ce que j'ai a dire, je le recommande sincerement. J'ajoute que c'est la deuxieme fois que je le consulte et je me sens plus tranquille sachant qu'il est la pour moi lorsque j'ai besoin de lui.
Marie-jeanne Christie - Wokingham