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"A natural alternative to IVF, without the side effects"
"After 4 years of trying to conceive, I had a total sum of 6 weeks treatment before falling pregnant"

Fertility treatment

Over the last 14 years I've helped thousands of couples have a healthy, happy baby. I specialise in helping male and female infertility and have seen women with unexplained infertility, endometriosis, high FSH levels, reoccurring miscarriages and more.

I'm able to support couples get pregnant, help in pregnancy and prepare them for labour.

Natural conception

More than half of the men and women I see in my clinic are trying to fall pregnant naturally. It has been used for thousands of years for boosting fertility and increasing the chances of couples becoming pregnant. It's success can be measured in population numbers, with China having the largest population in the world.

Out of the various alternative therapies available, traditional Chinese medicine is better able to help improve fertility and increase the success rates of becoming pregnant. Research has shown that it's twice as effective as fertility drugs used in western medicine which you get from a fertility clinic. You also don't get the side effects that you normally would from IVF treatment.

There are now hundreds of research articles that prove acupuncture increases male infertility and female fertility by regulating hormone levels.

In women, it can benefit the ovaries and uterus by regulating fertility hormones, regulating the menstrual cycle, reducing stress and anxiety, aiding ovulation and improving implantation of the embryo into the uterus lining. It can also help with pregnancy related problems such as reducing the chances of miscarrying and improving labour by reducing duration and pain levels. In men, it can improve sperm count, increase motility and improve sperm quality.

Assisted fertilitty and IVF

More and more couples are finding themselves undergoing IVF treatment. Often they don't have a choice after trying naturally for some time. I have helped thousands of couples through various assisted reproductive medicines to eventually have the baby they always wanted.

Research has proven that acupuncture can increases the success rates of IVF. In chronic cases of infertility in women, it can help to unblock the fallopian tubes.

How I can help your fertility

Watch my animated video below which explains how my treatment can improve your fertility.