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Joint Pain

About acupuncture for joint pain relief

Pain relief is now the most common complaint that most acupuncturists treat today. Acupuncture is so good at relieving pain that physiotherapists also used it, but unfortunately after just doing a weekend course in acupuncture.

Joint pain

Joint pains tend to be a part of arthritic conditions. Arthritis is common in the UK, where the damp climate can create or exacerbate arthritic conditions. Joint pain in Chinese medicine is caused by a lack or qi or blood flow to the affected area. This lack of nutritional blood flow to the area not only causes pain but also the disintegration of the joint and surrounding tissues. Acupuncture helps to move the blood to the affected area, thereby allowing the body to heal the surrounding tissues and relieve the pain.

Research has shown that acupuncture is able to prevent bone loss.