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The Chinese body clock - organ system

Chinese Body Clock

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  1. Overview
  2. Waking between 5-7am
  3. Waking between 7-9am
  4. 9-11am organ time
  5. 11-1pm organ time
  6. 1-3pm organ time
  7. 3-5pm organ time
  8. 5-7pm organ time
  9. 7-9pm organ time
  10. 9-11pm organ time
  11. 11-1am organ time
  12. Waking between 1-3am
  13. Waking between 3-5am

1. Overview

Within traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) and acupuncture theory, energy moves through the internal organs at specific times of the day over 24 hours, forming a circadian rhythm. Each organ corresponds to a part of our natural day order, for example having a morning bowel movement and eating a large breakfast in the morning.

The organ clock is a movement of energy for the day, which encompasses our daily lives and routine. By understand the Chinese body clock, you can unlock the secrets of your body and discover what is wrong with your body-mind system.


5-7am is the time of the Large Intestine. This is daybreak when Yang energy increases in the early morning and we should wake up and have a bowel movement, riding the body of toxins from the day before.


7-9am is the time of the Stomach. During this time it when we should be eating our largest meal of the day, breakfast. There is a saying that we should eat breakfast like a king, dinner like a prince and dinner as a pauper, which relates to the quantity of food that we should eat in the day with our largest meal in the morning and smallest in the evening. The morning time is an ideal time to eat gluten foods as the stomach has strength to process them. If you eat gluten foods later, you are more likely to have bloating.


9-11am is the time of the Spleen (Pancreas). It's when the digestive system is processing the foods eaten for breakfast which are being held in the stomach. It then releases energy which drives our working day and life and feeds important body systems such as the cardiovascular, respiratory system, immune system and the nervous system.


11am- 1pm is the time of the Heart. The Heart is the highest ranking Yang organ, and midday is the highest point of Yang. It's also when the energy from the Spleen is pumped via the Heart around the body to feed and nourish it. This is a good time to eat lunch like a prince so not too much. Now is not a good time to eat gluten or salads.


1-3pm is the time of the Small Intestine. It's when food eaten earlier will complete its digestion and assimilation and more nutrients are absorbed from the foods and fluids eaten.


3-5pm is the time of the Bladder when metabolic wastes move into the kidney's filtration system ready to be urinated out. People often have a dip at this time of the day. Having an afternoon nap at this time helps the body's energy levels.


5-7pm is the time of the Kidney energy when the blood is filtered and the kidneys work to maintain proper chemical balance. This is a good time to have dinner like a pauper and exercise as Kidney is related to willpower and drive. We should drink lots of water during this time especially whilst exercising. Craving salt can be signs of kidney weakness.


7-9pm is the time of the Pericardium. It's when energy and blood are carried to the capillaries and to each cell in the body. This is the perfect time to have sex or conceive a baby.


9-11pm is the time of Triple Burner (triple heater). It's recommended to sleep during these hours, 10pm to be exact so as to conserve energy and Yin for the following day. There is an old saying "Two hours before midnight is worth ten after", which means sleeping at 10pm is better than sleeping later and sleeping more.


11pm-1am is the time of the Gall Bladder. Midnight is the highest point of Yin. Being wake at this time will greatly damage the body and Yin, like burning the candle at both ends.


1-3am is the time of the Liver. If you find yourself waking between these hours, it maybe because you are stressed. A lot of people wake at this time. This is caused by frustration, stress and unexpressed emotions. Learn to surrender and let go of anxiety, control and lists.


3-5am the time of the Lungs. A lot of people wake at 5am, which is either waking at dawn which is natural or waking due to grief and sadness. New research has proven this internal body clock, with babies being born around 4am, the time of the lung, when they are finally ready to be born and take their first breathe. It's also around the time when we wake, yawn and should practice our breathing exercises and tai chi before breakfast.

If we follow the Chinese body clock pattern, we should be more healthy and happy in our lives.