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How Does Acupuncture Work?

There are differing theories as to how acupuncture works. What is agreed is that it does work, research has proven this again and again. However, because the mechanisms remain unclear, established medicine finds it difficult to completely accept acupuncture as an effective treatment for various health problems.

Traditional acupuncture theory believes acupuncture works by the regulation of energy and bodily fluids within the body. It does this by the insertion of fine pins into energy points on the body. These energy points are located across the whole body, from head to toe and are called acupoints. Each acupoints are connected to each other by a channel called a meridian.

These meridians crisscross the whole body, much like the underground crisscrosses London. Each acupoint is like a station on the channel and has an associated health property. By stimulating the acupoint with a needle or finger, it elicits a healing response somewhere else in the body.

A more modern theory that originated in Korea using advanced science has found these meridians within the lymphatic system. They were missed by anatomists hundreds of years ago. It's believed that the insertion of a pin along the lymphatic system creates a healing response within the immune system.

Modern biomedicine (western medicine) believes acupuncture works by the stimulation of nerves.