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Shamanic Acupuncture

Shamanic acupuncture was probably the original form of acupuncture practiced in China thousands of years ago. Since then, many other forms of acupuncture have been developed and superceded shamanic acupuncture. This is largely due to political and cultural changes over China's long history. The types of acupuncture we have today are largely born from modern interpretations of acupuncture.

What is shamanic acupuncture?

Shamanic acupuncture is the use of spirituality in the healing of a person by an acupuncturist. It focuses on the deep healing of a person with emotional trauma. This emotional trauma may originate in this life or another life.

Often a shamanic acupuncturists will be guided by healers in the spirit world to what acupuncture points they select to stimulate. This is the form of acupuncture I practice.

I am guided by the American Indian Achak (Wise Owl) and a Chinese medical doctor called Chu Ying.

Emotional trauma

With each incarnation we experience life. Through experience we understand God, the universe and who we are. Whilst walking upon this earth we will encounter emotional trauma at some point, it is inevitable. Emotional trauma has it's origina in three main ways:

  1. This life (most likely in early childhood)
  2. Inherited
  3. Past lives

Each of these three aspects can cause part of the soul to fragment (break off) as it seeks to deal with the trauma. Over time through many incarnations, we can develop and collect a lot of fragmentation, which affects our present life. We can experience them in early childhood, past them onto our children and then carry them through to the next life.

A good example of the this would be war. A person experiences war and is emotional traumatism. This causes them to become disconnected to thier loved ones where they are unable to show or give emotion. Emotion and love are blocked by traumatic events which need addressing. Their children grow and developed in a emotional stunted way, which then affects their live's.

With each incarnation the original point of trauma is diluted, like a stone being dropped into a pond, the ripple has less effect as it moves away from the point of origin. However, if other traumatic events are experienced by the off-spring, this will add to the original trauma, creating a complex dynamic of pain.

How does a shaman work?

A shaman is able to look deep into a person and see their pain and its point of origin, whether its in this life or another or is something pasted down from their parents.

A shaman helps a person to look and face their traumatic experience in order for it to change from a fear to an ally. The changing of pain from yin to yang, a strength.

Shamanic acupuncture uses a combination of insight, intuition, questions, acupuncture, dietary plus lifestyle advice to help the person face their traumatic experience in the best way possible.

Facing trauma

Having to face emotional trauma is hard. Most people will avoid it all their lives only to find out after they've died that they need to return to earth in another incarnation in order to rectify the trauma.

Living with trauma uses a lot of energy. This can make a person feel weak causing them to develop health problems. Dealing and facing emotional trauma uses up even more energy. It's therefore important to optimise all aspects of life from diet to lifestyle in order to manage energy expenditure. Chinese herbs are a good way of replacing lost energy in order to give the person support whilst facing their emotional trauma.