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What Are The Different Types Of Acupuncture

Most people are unaware that there are different types of acupuncture being performed in westernised countries including the UK.

Acupuncture developed on the Asian continent, with many countries within Asia developing their own style of acupuncture. For example, there is Chinese style acupuncture as well as Japanese, Korean and Vietnamese styles. Five Element acupuncture was invented by JR Worsley and is western style acupuncture. It doesn't exist in Asia.

More recently, physiotherapists, chiropractors, nurses and doctors have started performing 'acupuncture' after doing a weekend course. This is because there is no regulation of acupuncture at present. Sometimes they call it ‘dry needling' or ‘trigger point acupuncture'. Neither of these types of acupuncture exist in traditional acupuncture and I believe that it's not possible to learn a 2,000 year old medical system in just a weekend.

I practice Chinese style (TCM), as well as Dr Tan style, Master Tung style and Shamanic (intuitive) style acupuncture. I am therefore able to offer various styles of acupuncture depending upon the health problem a person may have.