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"A natural alternative to IVF, without the side effects"
"After 4 years of trying to conceive, I had a total sum of 6 weeks treatment before falling pregnant"

My Fertility Guide - How To Get Pregnant Naturally

ISBN 978-1-9160138-0-3

My Fertility Guide

Struggling to have a baby is a very personal and emotional problem, something that is not often shared with friends or even relatives. And for this reason, it can often feel like a lonely journey. If this sounds like you, then rest assured, you are not alone. It is estimated that 1 in 6 couples experience fertility challenges and this number is growing. More and more couples are finding it difficult to have a baby. Half of women struggling with fertility issues find it the most stressful experience of their lives.

The majority of women now look to have a child later in life. This is usually after they have built up their career, saved a deposit for a property and finally found a partner. At this point, mentally and emotionally, many women are in a better place to settle down and start a family. It can therefore come as a real shock to find that their body may have become weaker and is struggling to conceive and maintain a pregnancy.

If you're reading this book then you've most likely tried the natural route but still haven't had a baby. We all want the natural route to work and find it hard to believe when it doesn't. It's as though our bodies have forsaken us at a point in our lives when we are emotionally ready to have a child. This is where couples and most often the woman, start to project manage their fertility treatment and decide what to do next.

The knowledge within this book can greatly increase your chances of having a baby naturally. For some couples this will be enough. Others may need a helping hand with acupuncture and Chinese herbs and some will need even more help by using assisted reproductive technologies, such as in-vitro fertilization (IVF).

The length of time in which couples try to conceive naturally varies. For some it could take a few months and for others it's a few years. It's a personal choice. Until you fall pregnant, it can often feel like the rest of your life is on hold, with holidays, weddings, etc delayed until pregnancy is achieved. This focus and pressure can negatively affect fertility by causing frustration and stress, which can make the menstrual cycle irregular and impact the normal balance of hormones within the body.

After having tried for a period of time naturally, couples can often make the decision to jump to IVF in an effort to conceive and their lives back. IVF offers a 'process', a start and an end with a projected success rate. It's this that attracts most couples to try IVF, as trying naturally can seem like it's open-ended. However, due to the side effects of IVF, it should only be used as a last resort.

How this book can help you

One of the main reasons for writing this book is the lack of complete information available in one place, which means individuals having to scour the internet and forums, piecing different and sometimes contradictory information together, to compile a definitive understanding of conception. However, with a lack of direction and incomplete information, it can result in couples making the wrong decisions which wastes time, money and causes stress, not to mention still leaving them without a baby.

In my experience with patients I've found that women are very knowledgeable about their fertility and require a lot more in-depth information than is often provided on websites or in other fertility books. I've therefore tried my best to include as much detailed information as possible, but in a concise and easy-to-understand way.

There is around a 30% chances of conception naturally each month. There are three main problems that most couples have when trying for a baby:

  1. Understanding how their body works
  2. How to improve their lifestyle
  3. How to optimize their diet
  4. Problems taking your basal body temperature
  5. Problems with ovulation tests

Within this book I will teach you how to increase your chances of having your baby, by showing you how to be more aware of your body, for example your cervical mucus, how sperm meet the egg in the fallopian tube, how to improve your lifestyle and give you a diet plan for men and women together with supplements to take such as folic acid, essential fatty acids and protein.

I will explain the menstrual cycle and when it's best to try and conceive and how to know when you're about to ovulate days before ovulation. Knowing when your body release the egg and your fertility window is important in knowing when to have sexual intercourse to inseminate the egg within 24 hours.

I will also tell you which factors can have effects on fertility and how to avoid them, how to improve egg quality, sperm count and aid implantation of the embryo into the uterus wall. I will also advise you on how to further aid your natural fertility route by lose weight. I will cover a fertility problems such as PCOS and endometriosis.

By prepping your body before conceiving, you are not only improving your health and your fertility but also helping your future child be in the best health possible for growth and development.

You can also get additional support from the book's forum, where we host a range of forums for women seeking advice, wanting to make new fertility friends and grow their support network.

How to use this book

Different couples are on different paths along their fertility journey, there are those that are just starting out and are finding it difficult to conceive, those that have been struggling for many years and couples undergoing IVF. This book caters for couples trying naturally and who need a little help increase their chances of getting pregnant.

There are three main areas to fertility:

  1. Getting pregnant
  2. Maintaining the pregnancy
  3. Ensuring good break milk levels

This book will help you get pregnant fast. My second book "My Advanced Fertility Guide" is for couples with an infertility diagnosis, which they need help with treating in order to have a baby. My third book "My IVF Guide" caters for those couples going through assisted reproductive treatment such as IVF. My final four book, "My Pregnancy Guide" helps to ensure a healthy pregnancy and labour.

It does not replace medical advice from your doctor.