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My IVF Guide - Understanding and Maximising IVF

My IVF Guide

Struggling to have a baby is a very personal and emotional need, something that is not often shared with friends or even relatives. And for these reasons, it can feel like a lonely journey. If this sounds like you, then rest assured, you are not alone. More and more couples are finding it harder than they thought to have a baby. Often couples don't know that many others are in the same boat. Only after talking about their problems to friends do they release that it's a commonly shared problem. Half of women struggling with fertility issues find it the most stressful experience of their lives.

The majority of women now look to have a child later in life. A growing trend is from their early to late thirties. This is after they have built up their career, better know who they are, saved a deposit for a property and finally found someone they can share their life with. Mentally and emotionally, many women are in a better place to settle down and start a family. It therefore comes as a real shock that at a time when they are mentally and emotionally stronger, their body has become weaker and is struggling to conceive and maintain a pregnancy.

It is estimated that 1 in 6 couples experience fertility challenges and this number is growing. There are many reasons for this; age, stress, poor diet, over working, environmental toxins, pharmaceutical side effects, genetic, excessive exercising, etc. In my experience, it is seldom one problem; it's usually a combination of factors. Therefore, the best form of treatment is to tackle all the various aspects together to form a strong, combined treatment plan that will have the best success rate in getting you your baby.

One of the main reasons for writing My IVF Guide was the lack of information available in one place, which means scouring the internet and forums, piecing different and sometimes contradictory information together. This can cause couples to make wrong decisions that waste time, money and cause stress, not to mention still leaving them without a baby.

I've found that women are very knowledgeable about their fertility and require a lot more in-depth information than is often given on websites or in other fertility books. I've therefore tried my best to include as much detailed information as possible, but in a concise and easy to understand way.

I have added as much inside track medical information as I can; broken down western medical labels to make them easier to understand, the best route to take, what to avoid, what to eat, supplements to take, how to change your lifestyle and reduce the side effects of IVF. This information is based on my unique understanding of western and Chinese medicine combined together as well as the collective mass of thousands of my patients that have undergone their own fertility journey and several hundred research articles that I have read.

By prepping your body for fertility treatment, you are not only improving your health and your fertility but also giving your future child the best health you can. We inherit our health from our parents, through their constitution and DNA. My book helps you to understand IVF treatment, understanding how different fertility clinics offer different fertility treatments and how you should pick an IVF clinic that best suits your infertility.

I discuss the benefits of having a natural cycle versus a long cycle and how the fertility drugs affect you. I will tell you how to increase your egg quality before starting IVF treatment and how to minimise the side effects of IVF treatment. I will explain what to do at egg collection, how fertility works and explain about the fallopian tubes, blood tests and the importance of your partner's sperm.

Women aged 40 to 42 can benefit greatly from the advice in my book by increasing their egg quality and protecting it will antioxidants. I will explain how acupuncture and Chinese herbs can be of great benefit in IVF success rates.

My Fertility Guide will be available to buy from Amazon in the Summer of 2019.