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Are animal products used in Chinese medicine?

Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) uses animal and plant products together with minerals to treat and cure various diseases and promote good health.

In Europe and the UK, it is illegal to use animal parts within Chinese medicine. Only plants can be used in Chinese medical formulas in the UK and Europe.

In the USA and East Asia it is legal to use animal products such as tiger bones and rhinoceros horn in Chinese medicine. However, endangered animal products are not allowed to be used in the USA but endangered species are allowed to be used for medical purposes in China.

Recently, the use of bear-bile has been banned in parts of East Asia, which I completely support. I do not agree with the use of endangered animals in medicine or the wildlife trade of animals.

I don't use any animal products in my Chinese medical formulas. I only use plants in my formulas, such as bark, roots, leaves and seeds.