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"My cycles regulated as soon as I started taking the herbs and when my FSH levels were tested they were normal"
"I also took the chinese herbs, even though I was initially dubious about doing so, but it worked for me!"

Are Chinese Herbs Safe?

Yes, Chinese herbs are safe and have a lot less side effects than pharmaceutical drugs. The only real side effect is the not so nice taste and possible bloating. Otherwise, Chinese herbs are safe to take even when pregnant.

It's not commonly known that Chinese herbs are actually regulated in the UK by the MHRA, the government medicine body. Any herb that has a potential harmful effect on humans is not allowed to be used in the UK. Therefore, any herbs that a Chinese herbalist, such as myself, prescribes to a patient has already been vetted and approved for use.

You might have read or heard bad things about Chinese herbs in the media. For example, steroids being added to Chinese herbal pills. This is normal practice in China, where medicine has been for over 60 years ago, so both western pharmaceuticals and Chinese herbs are used together for better effects. Unfortunately, some of these pills were shipped to western countries where the medicine practiced there is not unified, causing problems and bad press.