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"My cycles regulated as soon as I started taking the herbs and when my FSH levels were tested they were normal"
"I also took the chinese herbs, even though I was initially dubious about doing so, but it worked for me!"

How Do You Take Chinese Herbs?

Traditionally, Chinese herbs come in their dry form, with bits of root, bark, twig, leaves and seeds. These would be boiled (decocted) in water for a few hours, then drained and drank. This traditional method is time-consuming and has more of a bad taste. Most people have busy lives or don't have time to decoct the Chinese herbs, so instead I use powders, which have already been decocted.

The powder form of Chinese herbs comes in sachets. You simply add 2 sachets to a cup, add boiling hot water (half a cup) and some honey to help with the taste, give it a stir, wait for it to cool down, stir again and drink. Don't sip it! This method has some bad taste, which a few people find hard to take.

If you find the taste hard to swallow, then you can have the herbal powder put into tablets. This is done using high pressure air, so there are no additional impurities. This will mean the herbs have hardly any taste and are easy to take with water. However, it will mean having to swallow 30 tablets a day. Yes, 30 tablets! Sounds like a lot, but because they are natural and herbal, you need to take more of them. There is an additional charge for this service.

You can also have the herbs put into capsules. I offer either regular capsules or veggie capsules. The herbal powder is equally shared out into capsules, which offers no herbal taste at all. Again, you need to swallow 30 capsules a day. There is an additional charge for this service.