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"My cycles regulated as soon as I started taking the herbs and when my FSH levels were tested they were normal"
"I also took the chinese herbs, even though I was initially dubious about doing so, but it worked for me!"

What do Chinese herbs taste like?

Chinese herbs don't taste that good. This is why liquorice is added to almost every Chinese formula to make it taste better. In East Asia they don't have a sweet tooth like in western cultures, so liquorice is enough. However, for western palates this is not enough.

The Chinese herbs come as a powder. No need to cook up the bits of bark, twig or seed anymore! But the powder still tastes of herbs and isn't that nice.

Believe it or not, people do get use to the taste after a while. Some people even like the taste. However, most don't and adding honey to the powder helps. Some people add hot milk instead of hot water, which takes away the bad taste and makes it taste more like ovaltine.

If you find it really hard to drink, you can have the Chinese herbal powder put into tablets or capsules, which has no taste.