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How to get pregnant

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1. Overview

Trying to get pregnant is a very personal and emotional issue, something that is not often shared with friends or even relatives; and for that reason it can often feel like a lonely journey. If this sounds like you, rest assured you are not alone.

More and more couples are finding it harder than they thought to get pregnant once stopping contraception. People don’t realise that many other couples have fertility problems until they start to talk about it with friends or work colleagues.

It is estimated that 1 in 6 couples experience fertility challenges, and this number is growing. There are a many reasons why this number is increasing; age, stress, poor diet, hectic lifestyles, environmental toxins, birth control side effects, etc.

In my experience, it is seldom one problem; it is usually a combination of factors. Therefore, the best form of treatment is to tackle all the various issues to form a strong, combined treatment plan that will have the best outcome.

Men and women can developed infertility after having one year of unprotected sex to try and start a family. Some women will measure their body temperature to predict ovulation.

2. When to try and conceive

Understanding your menstrual cycle is key to knowing when you're ovulating and when to try and conceive. Take a good quality prenatal supplement that contains folic acid, omega 3, but not soya or algae.

Leading up to ovulation you make feel twinges or bloating, which means you should be releasing an egg soon. Know your time of ovulation by checking for cervical mucus. If the woman doesn't have any cervical mucous (egg white), they can use a substitute which is available from most pharmacies. Some women may crave sugar or have an increased appetite around ovulation. I don't recommend taking your basal body temperature, as this can cause stress.

It's important to maintain a healthy weight. Use waist-hip ratio rather than BMI to determine if you need to change your weight.

Don't rely on ovulation predictor kits, an ovulation test or a ovulation calculator or BBT charting as all of these can cause stress, which can reduce your fertility. Instead know the ovulation symptoms unique to you. Learn and listen to your body to find out when you're ovulating and your egg is released from the ovaries. Generally, it should be 14 days from the start of your last menstrual bleed.

Get a semen analysis to check the man's sperm count and quality. If the man has poor sperm quality, the man should not smoke, eat chilli and reduce their intake of red meat and alcohol. Eating lots of fish has been shown to improve male fertility.

An internal investigation can remove any blockages in the fallopian tube allowing the sperm to reach the egg. A lot of women fall pregnant a few months after having their tubes checked to see if they are open.

Have sex 24 hours before you ovulate, then during your fertile time, have sex regularly, every day, as it's best to try early than late as the sperm can live for a couple of days next to the ovary. After ovulation, don't have any hot baths as this can cause an embryo to become dislodged from the uterus wall.

3. Acupuncture for fertility

Acupuncture can help you get pregnant quickly as it regulates the hypothalamus thereby regulating fertility hormones as well as regulating energy and blood flow within the body, regulating the fertility hormones contained within the blood again, which all help to regulate the menstrual cycle. It is the menstrual cycle that is the most important aspect of fertility treatment within Chinese medicine and yet is something greatly overlooked in biomedical science.

Most women think that premenstrual symptoms such as sweating at night, abdominal cramps, pain, tender breasts, lower back pain, premenstrual stress (PMS/PMT) are normal but they are not. In Chinese medicine these are all abnormal and give insights into what internal imbalance a woman might have.

At my fertility clinic, I use research based evidence that shows acupuncture can increase the chance of conceiving by:

  1. Improve implantation
  2. Improve sensitivity to insulin, thereby improving PCOS
  3. Improve sperm motility, morphology and quality
  4. Increase levels of oxytocin
  5. Increase the success rates of IVF/ICSI cycles
  6. Increase blood flow to the uterus lining
  7. Prevent uterus contractions to reduce the possibility of expelling embryo out of the uterus
  8. Reduce anxiety, stress and depression
  9. Reduce high FSH levels
  10. Reduce the stress hormone cortisone
  11. Reduce weight
  12. Regulate AMH levels
  13. Regulate immune factors
  14. Regulate the menstrual period
  15. Regulate oestrogen levels

4. How to get pregnant book

To boost your chances of getting pregnant you need to know the basics about your fertility. Read my self-help book on how to get pregnant titled My Fertility Guide.

5. Getting pregnant with acupuncture video

Once pregnant and you have a positive pregnancy test, learn more about the early signs of pregnancy.


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My Fertility Guide: How To Get Pregnant Naturally

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