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Benefits of acupuncture for male and female fertility

Most people are unaware of the way acupuncture can improve their fertility. Here are some of the benefits to male and female fertility, which research has proven:

  1. Regulate the menstrual cycle
  2. Improve implantation
  3. Improve sperm motility, morphology and quality
  4. Improve PCOS
  5. Regulate oxytocin levels
  6. Increase the success rates of IVF/ICSI cycles
  7. Prevent uterus contractions to reduce the possibility of expelling embryo out of the uterus
  8. Reduce the duration of labour
  9. Reduce anxiety, stress and depression
  10. Reduce labour pain
  11. Reduce high FSH levels
  12. Reduces the chances of developing OHSS
  13. Reduce weight
  14. Regulate AMH levels
  15. Regulate oestrogen levels
  16. Regulate immune factors

My Fertility Guide - How To Get Pregnant Naturally

My Fertility Guide: How To Get Pregnant Naturally

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