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In Vitro Maturation (IVM)

This is a less drug-orientated technique, where the eggs are collected from the antral follicles that either havenít been stimulated or have been slightly stimulated with fertility drugs. The eggs are then collected and put into a special liquid to help them mature for 24-48 hours. However, as fertility drugs are not used or at very low doses, less eggs are collected than a regular IVF cycle, at around half a dozen or so.

The eggs are then fertilized, often using ICSI and the best ones selected for embryo transfer 2-3 days later. This method is a lot gentler on the womanís body, can help with poor egg quality and has less side effects.

Please note that I do not offer IVF and this page is for information purposes only. I do however offer acupuncture to assist with the IVF process.