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Eczema is also known as atopic dermatitis. It's more commonly seen in children although adults can still suffer from it.

Eczema is an inflammatory condition of the skin characterised by redness, dryness and itching. People with eczema tend to have asthma and suffer from pet allergies.

Acupuncture for eczema

Research studies have shown that acupuncture treatment is anti-inflammatory and relieves the symptoms of eczema by reducing itch.

However, acupuncture is sometimes not strong enough to help any more than this. For the majority of skin problems, the best form of alternative medicine is oriental medicine, especially Chinese herbal medicine.

Chinese herbal medicine became famous back in the 1980's by its ability to treat skin conditions such as severe eczema. Chinese herbs are better able to clear out the heat and nourish the blood to allow skin regrowth than acupuncture alone. Treatment can still take months.

Improving diet and lifestyle habits can help to quicken recovery. For example, eating less gluten, diary and having more iron rich foods, which help to boost blood levels, which nourish the skin. People with eczema shouldn't smoke or drink excessive amounts of alcohol as these things will just make it worse.


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