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Emotional trauma treatment

Many people with experience a traumatic event at some point in their lives. It can affect the mind and body long term and progress to post traumatic stress disorder, which affects the sympathetic nervous system.

In Chinese medicine, it is believed that emotional upset and trauma are held in the body. The areas of the body where trapped emotions can be stored include the internal organs and muscles, not parts of the brain.

The body stores emotional trauma, like a hard-drive on your computer. Therefore, the body tends to live in the past, carrying old emotions and trauma. The mind however, lives in the future, worrying about what's to come (anxiety). The senses live in the present. The secret to a happy live is to merge the body, mind and senses into the present moment.

Trauma causes excessive emotions, which can damage health and cause physical pain. They do this by using up lots of energy and blood. For this reason, people with trauma can often be anaemic. Also, when a person is anaemic, they can suffer more from anxiety.

Treatment of emotional trauma

Acupuncture treatments are able to tap into stored traumas that are held in the muscles and release them, allowing people to experience their physical pain in a controlled and safe environment.

It allows suppressed emotions to be released, helping the person to work through their problems and feel better. It also helps to reduce anxiety, helping a person to live in the present moment and balance their mind and spirit.