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Pre-menstrual syndrome treatment

Pre-menstrual symptoms are so common amongst women that they are considered normal, however they are not normal and point to an underlying problem with the menstrual cycle.

Pre-menstrual syptoms include pain, irritability, night sweats, disturbed sleep, anxiety, dizziness, headaches and muscle tension. A lot of woman use either hot water bottles or painkillers to cope with pre-menstrual symtpoms. Some women even have to have time off work because their symtpoms are so bad.

Acupuncture for PMS

Acupuncture is very good at reducing pre-menstrual symtpoms. Acupuncture reduces symptoms of PMS by regulating energy and blood flow.

In chronic cases of pre-mensrtual symptoms, where women are in very bad pain and need to take time off work, Chinese herbs are better able to treat the problem than acupuncture alone.




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