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How long does acupuncture relieve pain for?

Acupuncture is a dose like every form of treatment or medicine.

The pain relief effects of acupuncture usually last around 3-4 days and then start to wear off. However, the pain won't return to it's original level.

Having acupuncture treatment peels off layers of pain. Each session building upon the previous one.

It is worth continuing with acupuncture treatment until all the pain and tension in the body has gone. Not just when the pain is gone. Pain is like the tip of the iceberg showing above the water, the bulk of the problem is often hidden beneath the surface and still needs continuous treatment.

How To Maintain The Pain Relief After Having Acupuncture

To make the effects of acupuncture long lasting, it's advisable to make changes to your lifestyle.With an improved posture, stretching regime and lifestyle, the relief from pain will long lasting.