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How quickly does acupuncture relieve pain?

Once you've had acupuncture treatment you should notice an instant reduction in your level of pain. You should also notice less tension in your muscles and a improvement in your overall well-being.

In chronic conditions, there may be a worsening of symptoms the next day with a subsequent overall improvement the days afterwards. It depends on the problem acupuncture is treating

With subsequent acupuncture sessions, the level of pain relief will improve, usually to around 70-90%.

How to Maintain Pain Relief After Having Acupuncture Treatment

To maintain reduced levels of pain, a person must make changes to their lifestyle and diet.

In acupuncture theory, pain is caused by stagnation. Stagnation can be caused by stress, being sedentary, or from foods and fluids eaten.

For example, stress causes frustration which leads to muscle tension and pain. Being sedentary (sitting down too much) increases stagnation in the body which causes pain. There's a great saying "Motion is lotion". We sit down far too much, in the car, train, bus, at home and at work.

Do not expose your body to the cold as cold causes stagnation and then pain. Don't drink coffee, which causes the gallbladder to contract, which causes tension in it's meridian which spans along the whole body including the sciatic line.