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Self-help books

I have written several self-help books for the general public. They include books for improving your fertility and spirituality.

How to get pregnant naturally

My Fertility Book

I am author of a new comprehensive book on fertility titled My Fertility Book. One of the main reasons for writing this book is the lack of information available in one place, which can mean scouring the internet piecing different and sometimes contradictory information together. I've found that women are very knowledgeable about their fertility and require a lot more in-depth info than is often given in other fertility books, which tend to be wishy-washy. For this reason, I've tried my best to include as much detailed information as possible, but in a concise and easy understanding way so couples can make better, informed decisions.

I have added as much inside track medical information as I can; broken down western medical labels to make them easier to understand, the best route to take, what to avoid and what to do, so you waste as little time as possible getting your baby. This information is based on the collective mass of thousands of my patients who have undergone their own fertility journey and found the same problems and solutions as well as my unique understanding of western and Chinese medicine combined together.

One of the greatest problems with fertility is couple's lack of awareness. This means awareness of their bodies, listening to what it is saying and what it really needs. How the world and climate around them affects their body and therefore their fertility and also how their work, diet and lifestyle choices affect their fertility. Knowledge (awareness) is power, power of choice to make the right decisions for you. I've added my own awareness of how each aspect of our lives affects out fertility, something that is not often written about yet is so important.

Using Chinese Medicine for improved fertility

Chinese medicine isn't something new or necessarily something only the Chinese invented and used. The Chinese and other countries such as Japan and Korea were all influenced by the same need to understand the world around them and all share the same form of medicine. The theories within this system of medicine aren't invented as they come from observing Nature. Nature has laws and patterns which if we want to be healthy, we must follow. No one can fight Nature and win. Learning how Nature works helps us to work with it so we can be more healthy and happy. This is Chinese medicine.

Different countries are essentially different tribes with their own system of medicine, culture, politics, etc. It could be argued that in terms of fertility, China is the most successful tribe as it has the world's largest population and therefore the system of medicine they have used for thousands of years is effective in the treatment of infertility. In this system of medicine is an age-old theory of living in balance with ourselves and the world around us. It is this understanding of ourselves and our health that I pass onto you. By doing so, I hope that you will be much more informed and better able to understand the often complex nature of infertility treatment and miss the pitfalls that some couples fall into. You can also use these ancient theories to enhance the rest of your life and that of your family.

Understanding IVF and maximising your cycle

The spiritualist survival handbook