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Fertility Support

A lot of women find it useful to speak with other women who are in the same situation or have gone through it, to get advice, tips and support. Infertility is an unknown to most women and its therefore natural to seek answers and solutions to your fertility problems. One of the easiest ways of finding support is through online forums, such as My Fertility Forums. Online women can remain anonymous and talk opening. Something they might not be able to do with close friends or family. I often act as a sounding board to women doing through their fertility journey and also offer them emotional support during difficult times.

Half of women struggling with fertility issues find it the most stressful experience of their lives. To support the pregnancy and reduce the chances of having a miscarriage, it is advisable to have acupuncture regularly. Research has shown that itís perfectly safe to have acupuncture during pregnancy, all the way through and wonít cause any adverse effects upon the mother or baby. In actual fact, itís the opposite. Acupuncture can help the mother relax, reduce her anxiety thereby reducing energy drains being placed upon the body. Itís also very effective for morning sickness giving you a chance to eat well for a few days.

Recent research has shown that having acupuncture can reduce the symptoms of a threatened miscarriage. Having more energy and blood can reduce the threat to the pregnancy. Additional research has shown that women who have undergone IVF need psychological support in early pregnancy and having acupuncture from a fertility specialist such as myself, can help give this support.