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Chinese herbal medicines improves pregnancy rates after failed IVF treatment

Sixty-seven patients were enrolled in this study and divided into two groups: a trial group with 35 patients and a control group with 32 patients. The trial group was given Chinese herbal medicine for 3 months, then administered IVF-ET or awaited natural pregnancy.

The control group was administered IVF-ET without Chinese herbal medicine 3 months after the previous IVF-ET or natural pregnancy attempt. After treatment with TCM comprehensive therapy, seven patients in the treatment group became pregnant, while there were no successful conceptions in the control group.

The difference in clinical pregnancy rate in the initial cycle and transfer cycle of IVF were significantly different (P 0.05). The trial group had a significantly higher conception rate than that of the control group (P 0.05).

Chinese herbal medicine can promote the natural pregnancy rate in patients with previously failed IVF-ET.

Trasitional Chinese medicine could increase patients' fertilized egg number, fertilization rate, pregnancy rate, and clinical pregnancy rate after another IVF-ET treatment.


Xu et al. (2015) Effect of traditional Chinese comprehensive therapy on gestation in patients with previously failed in vitro fertilization and embryo transfer. J Tradit Chin Med; 35(4): 428-433.