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Acupuncture reduces indigestion in pregnancy

A randomised controlled trial under real-life conditions that assessed the effects of acupuncture on symptomatic dyspepsia during pregnancy and compared this with a group of patients undergoing conventional treatment alone.

A total of 42 conventionally-treated pregnant women were treated, or not, by acupuncture.

They reported the severity of symptoms and the disability these were causing in daily aspects of life such as sleeping and eating, using a numerical rating scale.

The study also observed the use of medications. Significant improvements in symptoms were found in the acupuncture group.

This group also used less medication and had a greater improvement in their disabilities when compared with the control group.

The researchers concluded that acupuncture may alleviate dyspepsia during pregnancy.


da Silva JB et al. (2009) Acupuncture for dyspepsia in pregnancy: a prospective, randomised, controlled study. Acupunct Med; 27: 50-3.


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