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Acupuncture reduces anxiety, stress and depression during IVF

A lot of people suffer from anxiety. Not only are they anxious because they are struggling to have a baby, but also from trying to be perfect and have what they see as a perfect life. Media tells us how we should live; dress, drive, eat and look. Trying to achieve these perfect ideals creates anxiety, which uses up a lot of energy.

Anxiety is a useless, negative emotion that does nothing but drain energy that could otherwise be used for fertility. It's a negative drain upon the body that isn#t useful, like leaving the lights on in your car, it will drain the battery. To prevent this loss of energy, it#s useful to try and control your anxiety and stress.

Of course, most people will be anxious and stressed when trying for a baby, this is natural. Having acupuncture reduces anxiety and stress in the body by regulating the stress hormone cortisone.

If you have vivid dreams or wake around 4.30-5.30am, then your mind is restless and anxious. The mind should settle deeply at night and not dream, so you get good, deep quality sleep and wake feeling refreshed the next day. Waking early shows underlying anxiety, which is wearing the body out.

The most noticeable effects of acupuncture, although that's not all it does, are that people feel less anxious, depressed and stressed. Most people notice how relaxed they feel afterwards once the anxiety and stress has faded away.


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