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Acupuncture reduces time in labour

For most women, going through labour and giving birth is a time of anxiety, stress and pain. The longer the labour, the more pain they are likely to experience and the more the baby is likely to become distressed.

Acupuncture has been shown in research to reduce the duration of labour as well as making it less painful. Acupressure can also be used by the woman's partner during labour to help bring on contractions, reduce labour duration and reduce pain levels.

Unfortunately, stress can make labour longer as the stress hormone cortisone stops the production of the labour hormone oxytocin. Having acupuncture regularly reduces stress allowing the body to go with its natural flow of oxytocin production, contractions and labour.

Starting acupuncture treatment weeks before the due date is an ideal way to get the mother's body ready to ensure a smooth labour with less pain.


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