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Fertility Acupuncture in Wokingham

Acupuncture does more than just relax people; it regulates the hypothalamus thereby regulating fertility hormones as well as regulating energy and blood flow within the body, regulating the fertility hormones contained within the blood again, which all help to regulate the menstrual cycle. It is the menstrual cycle that is the most important aspect of fertility treatment within Chinese medicine and yet is something greatly overlooked in western medicine.

Most women think that premenstrual symptoms such as sweating at night, abdominal cramps, pain, tender breasts, lower back pain, premenstrual stress (PMS/PMT) are normal but they are not. In Chinese medicine these are all abnormal and give insights into what internal imbalance a woman might have. Research has shown that having acupuncture weekly for 9 weeks reduced the time to conception by halve.

The principal aims of Chinese medicine are to regulate the menstrual cycle, reduce anxiety and stress and boost the digestive system to produce more energy and blood thereby improving fertility. All of these aspects can be greatly achieved using acupuncture. Together with dietary advice, which I give to all my patients, enhances deficiencies or reduces excesses to achieve a normal state where the body is more able to fall pregnant and carry a pregnancy.

The animated video below explains how acupuncture can help with infertility.

Research into acupuncture for infertility

There is growing research that shows acupuncture is able to help with a variety of fertility problems, including:

Fertility Acupuncture Expert in Wokingham, Berkshire

Dr (TCM) Attilio D'Alberto practices fertility acupuncture from his own private clinic in Wokingham. For those in London, Attilio also practices out of his Twickenham Acupuncture Clinic which might be more convenient. To make an appointment, please telephone the number above or send an email.