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Frozen Embryo Transfer (FET)

Most often a couple will have some embryos frozen from a previous IVF cycle, which they can then use later. It often seems like a good idea to undergo a frozen embryo transfer as it’s cheaper and you already have a fertilized egg to transfer. However, according to the HFEA only 8 births a year happen from thawed embryos. This is a very low success rate. Even though it’s financially cheaper than a fresh IVF cycle, the emotional cost is the same. If the embryo(s) that were fertilized weren’t of the best quality, then it might be worth doing a fresh IVF cycle as it will have a higher rate of success.

The protocol for FET is similar to a regular IVF cycle. More recently, many IVF clinics have started using the long, down regulating cycle for FET. Women undergoing an FET will tend to be more deficient than women undergoing a normal IVF cycle as they will either have children from a previous IVF cycle or will be stressed, anxious and emotional from a previous failed IVF cycle. Both of these scenarios can cause a deficiency in the woman, which can damage her fertility.

Other protocols include giving the woman estrogen (HRT) along with progesterone. This helps to thicken the uterus lining ready for implantation.

Please note that I do not offer this product or service. This page is for information purposes only. I do however offer acupuncture to assist with the IVF process.